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Bow Headwrap, Coral

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Blondes in Bows

The designer headwrap is single layer, no sew and raw edged. The headwrap is easy to mix and match with different outfits. These bows are large and floppy. Always place label up so it's less floppy in the face.  


All headwraps come pre tied and measured to fit the listed sizes. All headwraps are based off average head circumference. If child has a larger circumference we do suggest sizing up. All headwraps do have a little stretch to them.  


Please use care when handling headwrap. Only hand wash and lay flat to dry. Do not wash in washing machine.  


Please use adult supervision when a child is handling or wearing headwrap. All headwraps can come untied and shouldn’t be in the hands of a child without supervision. 

By Blondes in Bows