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Rachel's Dreams and Hats

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by Joe Benarroch

About the Book: As the first book in the series, “Rachel's Dreams and Hats,” is a story about a girl who wears different hats throughout her day and each time she puts on one of those hats it opens her mind to new possibilites. 

The Dream: Start a movement to encourage all kids to “Find a Dream. Wear a Hat.”

• Spark a broader conversaton with parents, mentors, teachers about the importance of teaching kids to "wear many hats.”

• Encourage kids to speak up and learn about the importance of “wearing many hats” and believe they can try anything in this world.


  • Every day, kids wear many hats. And when we encourage all kids to dream, life is more colorful and every moment can have more meaning.
  • Girls can do anything in this world! Let’s encourage all kids to dream.
  • #findyourdreamwearahat


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