Baby Shower Games (download for free)

Welcome to our best list of baby shower games for shower planners! Whether you're the designated party planner for or are a soon-to-be mom looking for some fun ideas, you've come to the right place. Every baby shower should be memorable, and our selection of games are perfect for guests of all ages. Best of all, our games are free to download and print.

Guess Who

Mommy or Daddy? This is a fantastic game tailored for groups familiar with both the mother and father-to-be! Your shower guests are in for a treat as they each guess which parent is more likely to have the parental traits listed. The mother-to-be will then unveil the correct answers, and each guest can then tally their scores to determine who knows her guesses best.


This version of Bingo has each guest receive a blank bingo card with empty squares that will be filled out by your guests. As the gifts are unwrapped, guests mark off corresponding items on their cards. The race is on as participants vie to be the first to achieve a bingo or full blackout for the win! This is also a fun way to have your guests involved in the gift opening part of the shower!

Would Mommy Rather...

A cute twist on the classic favorite! Guests are presented with questions tailored to the mother-to-be's preferences. Each question offers insight into her unique personality and parenting style. Players will try to align with what they believe the mommy-to-be would choose. After all responses are in, the mother-to-be reveals her answers, and guests tally their scores to determine who knows her best!

We hope our selection of games will bring laughter, joy, and lasting memories to your celebration. Don't forget to award prizes to the winners – friendly competition always adds to the fun! We wish you all the best as you embark on this incredible journey into parenthood.

Let the games begin!