Collection: Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets are for every baby. Your baby needs at least one muslin swaddle. Muslin swaddle blankets are incredibly useful, versatile, and simple. They can be used for swaddling your baby to mimic the cozy, snug feel of the womb. The comfort newborns experience from muslin baby blankets makes them well worth ordering from a baby shop you can trust. Swaddling a newborn is a way to gently introduce them to life outside the womb while still providing that snug, cozy physical sensation newborns seek. A swaddled baby's startle reflex is also softened which may mean more sleep for baby and you! Spearmint baby swaddles are high-quality and super soft. They can also make an adorable, gender-neutral, modern, stylish, and trendy baby announcement photo outfit. Wearable sleep sacks and swaddlers that follow the AAP guidelines can be easy, helpful alternatives to using a swaddle blanket. Muslin swaddles can act as burp clothes or nursing covers, too!