Baby Products Every New Mom Needs

Baby Products Every New Mom Needs

As a new mom, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate the world of baby products. There are countless options for everything from diaper brands to strollers, and it's hard to know which products are actually necessary and recommended by real moms vs. which ones are just nice to have.

To help ease some of the confusion, we asked our SpearmintLOVE community filled with moms and grandmothers to weigh in on the baby products they found to be essential during their first year of motherhood. Here are some of the top responses we received.

If you're trying to guess the top product recommended, you may be surprised to know that it's not a product at all. One of the most common responses received was a variation of this: "a helpful significant other." No product compares to postpartum support from partners, family, and friends.

Mandi explained that zipper footies rather than snap footies was a simple essential and added, "a good pump is worth every penny especially if you end up [exclusively pumping].

One product that came up repeatedly in was the Nose Frida. This doctor-invented and recommended nasal aspirator has gained a strong following among new parents for its ability to clear out stubborn baby boogers. Made in Sweden, the Nose Frida is a popular choice among parents who want to avoid traditional bulb syringes that can be difficult to clean.

Let's summarize the suggestions so far!

  • Human postpartum support (coffee was also cited as a much-needed energy boost during the sleepless nights with a newborn.)
  • Zipper footies
  • Nose Frida

Another interesting recommendation we received was for an electric nail filer, which several parents noted was a game-changer for their baby's nail care routine. I haven't met a parent who, at one point, wasn't scared of accidentally clipping their little one's delicate skin.

More baby essentials every new mom could use:

  • Knotted Gowns
  • White noise/nightlight machine
  • Baby Monitor
  • Baby wipes made for sensitive skin
  • Baby Brezza Instant Warmer
  • Nursing pillow
  • Muslin swaddles
  • Haaka
  • Frozen meals
  • Baby carrier or baby wrap
  • Diaper cream spatula

We loved Chesley's practical advice: "Spray diaper rash cream, boppy, those throw away bags you keep in the diaper bag so you can put the dirty clothes or diapers in when you aren’t near a trash can."

And let's not forget the importance of grandparents to support a new mom! It can be invaluable to have an experienced family member around to help out with the baby and offer some much-needed advice (when asked!) and encouragement.

One last piece of advice we received was to consider gifting new moms with gift cards rather than specific products. As many parents noted, babies are all so different, and what works well for one family may not be the best fit for another.

By giving a gift card, new parents can have the flexibility to choose the products that work best for them and their little one, whether it's a Nose Frida, an electric nail filer, or something else entirely. So if you're unsure what to give a new mom, consider a gift card to her favorite store or SpearmintLOVE—it might just be the perfect present!

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