Share the LOVE: Interview with tailynnvictoria

Share the LOVE: Interview with tailynnvictoria

Tailynn known as tailynnvictoria on insta is a boy mama to her sons, Dayton and Aspen. She shares about her life as a mom and the beauty of Down syndrome. We fell in love with Aspen's smile and wanted to share the LOVE so here's our SpearmintLOVE x tailynnvictoria interview.

toddler wearing oranges romper

SLOVE: What does a day in the life look like for you?

T: My boys are early risers. They typically wake up with the sun. So we’re up early cooking breakfast, coffee for me & then we pick something on Disney +.

We usually have morning appointments Monday through Thursday so out of the house by 8 or 9 and back by nap time. Sometimes we’ll play outside, skateboard/scooter around the neighborhood or lounge together if it’s too hot! Husband is home around 5 and we’ll go out back and play on the boys’ playset or find a movie and do a family night. Dinner then bedtime by 8:30.

SLOVE: What is your best piece of parenting advice to new moms?

T: My best piece of advice for new mama’s would be to soak it all in, the good, the bad, and don’t let other’s determine how you parent. You know what’s best for your babies.

SLOVE: What is your best piece of advice to pregnant moms specifically presented with a Down syndrome diagnosis?

T: Please don’t let other’s tell you what your child will or won’t do. They cannot predict the future. Sky’s the limit. With no limits, your child will do wonderful things. Let yourself feel every emotion, but know that you are about to feel SO MUCH LOVE when you meet your baby. Also know you’re not alone. Those a whole community of “lucky few” mama’s who would love to answer any questions you may have.

SLOVE: Three baby names you love but won't be using?

T: Asher, Oakley, Tatum

SLOVE: We LOVE how you share the beauty of Down syndrome. What type of feedback have you received from doing so on Instagram?

T: Thank you. I have received so many sweet messages from expecting moms or moms who recently had a child with Down syndrome, and it makes it all worth it. When I was pregnant, I felt so scared and lost and was presented with so much negativity. I found a couple mom’s who had a Down syndrome child and that’s where I really felt that anxiety start to diminish.

Seeing the day in and day out of these families was amazing. Gave me hope. And let me say that the people who gave me all these lists of things my son would never do were wrong. I decided I wanted to try to change the narrative alongside these moms and hopefully make a difference in others' Down syndrome diagnosis experiences. The messages I get mean the world to me.

SLOVE: What's your favorite holiday to celebrate with your boys!?

T: Oh that’s a tough one! We LOVE holidays! It’s a toss up between Halloween & Christmas. Halloween is Dayton’s favorite holiday so it’s so fun to do our little Halloween party & family costume each year. Christmas I love because seeing the boys’ faces light up on Christmas morning, during Christmas lights & seeing Santa just makes my mama heart so happy.

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