Bottle or Breastmilk Storage Solution!

Bottle or Breastmilk Storage Solution!


Bottle Bag


Looking for the perfect insulated bottle bag to keep bottles, sippy cups, pumped breastmilk or snacks hot or cold? SpearmintLOVE not only has the best insulated bags, but the best Spearmint Community filled with the true experts: moms!

Hear from @momma.on.duty on her experience on the "struggle bus" with which many mothers are all too familiar. We understand how busy mom life can be! You're juggling nursing, BLW, making or preparing purees, sleep schedules, pumping, work, and adjusting to life postpartum. Getting out of the house can often be a challenge, but there are accessories to help you!

"Why didn’t anyone prepare me for the constant packing struggle bus? I had no idea babies came with so much stuff! I also had no idea how much planning would go into leaving the house for any duration of time. We are currently doing a hybrid diet of nursing, pumped milk, purées, and BLW therefore the amount of “stuff” I need is unreal! I now see why my mom friends would rather just stay home sometimes. I now see why my mom would run around like a chicken with her head cut off prior to leaving the house with three kids. This insulated bottle bag from @spearmintbaby is a must have for us!"

This "But First, Milk" bottle bag can also double as an insulated lunch bag for adults and children.

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