Exclusive Interview with Toni Livers

Exclusive Interview with Toni Livers

Toni Livers' life changed on October 6, 2021. At 1:06 pm, a sweet 7 lb. 15 oz. baby girl, Nola Bella, entered the world and showed Toni a "whole new type of love." If you're a parent reading this, you know that love.

SpearmintLOVE held an exclusive interview with Toni. If you would like to connect further and follow her motherhood journey while being a personal trainer and athlete, follow her here.

Spearmint: What does a day in the life look like for you?

Toni: I wake up in the morning when Nola, my daughter, wakes up and I will start nursing her first thing in the morning. After she is fed I will get ready for the day and I will also get her ready for the day.

When we are done we walk our dog Luna and head afterwards together to the gym. I will take about 60 minutes to work out and then will go back home, nurse her and give her a bottle, eat breakfast, drink my post workout shake, shower.

Around 12 pm we start(my husband and I) working(calls, personal training, programming, nutrition coaching, supplement coaching). We switch back and forth with Nola during that time. At night time we watch a movie together, okay with Nola and get her ready for bed around 9 pm.

Spearmint: What is your best piece of parenting advice to new moms?

Toni: Best parenting advice is take it as it comes. There is nothing you can foresee or control. Go with the flow and listen to your baby’s cues. She/ he will let you know when she’s tired, hungry, not feeling good etc.


Spearmint: What is your best piece of advice to new moms for the labor/birth process?

Toni: Try to do things before that relax you. Maybe bring some relaxing music to the hospital. And don’t try to force a plan on yourself. Every labor is different and not everything will go as planned or wanted. I personally went without a birth plan. I explained in the beginning which things are important to me and then just trusted the team of nurses, myself and my husband.

Spearmint: What's your all-time favorite baby product?

Toni: Our baby carrier is our most favorite product. Having her close to me like that feels great for me and she relaxes right away! Also you can get so many things done while she’s in the carrier.

Spearmint: Three baby names you love but won't be using?

Toni: Sawyer, Peyton, Lila are three beautiful girl names.

Spearmint: As an athlete and personal trainer, what would you recommend to moms with babies or young children wanting to make a positive change toward exercise or nutrition goals?

Toni: We always have to start somewhere but the most important part is that we actually start and stick to it. It’s never about doing a lot, it’s about doing small changes that are maintainable. If that means just going for a walk 3 to 5 days a week, then that is that. Also drinking a lot of water. So my biggest of advice is just start and go with what you can do and what you can maintain.

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