Interview with Katie Gillespie (elementary_einsteins)

Interview with Katie Gillespie (elementary_einsteins)

Exclusive SpearmintLOVE Interview Featuring Katie Gillespie

Gillespie is a teacher (a.k.a your third grade BFF) in Southern California and a mother with two sweet "Spearmint Baby" girls.

two children lying in crib looking at each other

S: What does a day in the life look like for you?

KG: As a teacher on summer break, with a newborn & a toddler: Early morning wake-up call from my 2-year-old, Presley, ready to start her day. Play time for Pres while I make coffee and nurse my newborn, Leighton.

Then Leighton naps while Pres & I eat breakfast & get dressed & ready for a walk. The girls & I walk to a nearby playground before it gets too hot. Snacks & playing for Pres while we stroll. Next we head home to cool off, read, and play before lunch time. After lunch we usually go on a car ride (the only way Pres will fall asleep for her nap). The girls nap on the couch when we get home while I relax or catch up on housework.

Dad is usually home from work by the time the girls wake up so we head to the pool for a bit. We either pick up food on the way home from the pool or dad cooks a homemade meal. After dinner is bath time, jammies, and a family show or movie (Full House is our current favorite). Dad reads & puts Pres to sleep while I feed Leighton (we swap girls each night). Once both girls are asleep, we finally get some relaxing time on the couch before bed.

SWhat is your best piece of parenting advice to new moms?

KB: Reach out to friends with newborns/toddlers! It’s helpful to walk & talk with others who have recently been through similar experiences. Also, don’t be afraid to ask family members for help. It truly takes a village!

big sister holding little sister in matching spearmintlove rompers

SWhat is your best piece of advice to new moms for the labor/birth process?

KB: If you plan on breastfeeding, definitely ask to meet with a lactation consultant. The more help & info you have, the better prepared you will be!

SWhat's your all-time favorite baby product (besides SpearmintLOVE!)?

KB: Hatch changing pad that doubles as a scale! The changing pad is plastic & wipes clean, so no cover or fabric to constantly wash. We use the scale feature daily to weigh baby girl! This way we can make sure she is eating enough at each feeding. Keeps that belly full!

SThree baby names you love but won't be using?

KB: Collins, Charlie, and Emmy for a girl!

SHow has your experience as a teacher shaped your role as a mother and how has motherhood affected you as a teacher?

KB: Being a teacher has helped me to create fun & educational games for my girls at home. I also stress being a good friend & helper to help prepare my girls to be all-around good citizens once they begin school.

Being a mother has definitely made me set more boundaries as a teacher. I used to stay at school prepping pretty late but now I make sure to leave work on time so I can spend as much time as possible with my girls. I realized I can still be an amazing teacher while prioritizing my family. 

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