SpearmintLOVE Interview with @madison_mitchell

SpearmintLOVE Interview with @madison_mitchell

Get to know Madison behind @madison_mitchell. Madison's life changed in January 2021 when she found out she was pregnant.

In April 2021, Madison found out she was having a baby girl who we now know as Sawyer. SpearmintLOVE interviewed Madison to learn more about her motherhood journey with her sweet daughter Sawyer.

S: What does a day in the life look like for you?

M: The typical day for us is to have our morning snuggles then get ourselves ready for the day! We usually will watch an episode of Law & Order or Chicago Fire while I drink my morning coffee. We usually try to get outside if the weather is nice enough and take a walk in our town. When we get home I put Sawyer down for her afternoon nap and I will try to get some things done to be productive with my time.

But sometimes I hold Sawyer while she naps, they are only little once! The rest of the day is spent playing, singing, snuggling, and bouncing until the evening. Once we have finished dinner, I have started giving her solids recently, it is time to start her night time routine! That consists of tubby time, a little foot massage, reading a book, then laying down. That is a typical day for us!

S: What is your best piece of parenting advice to new moms?

M: Always do what you think is best for you and your baby! Mommy instincts are always spot on.

S: What is your best piece of advice to new moms for the labor/birth process?

M: My best piece of advice during labor and delivery is too keep focused on meeting your sweet baby! It is all worth it!

baby girl wearing SpearmintLOVE organic waffle bodysuit

S: What's your all-time favorite baby product (besides SpearmintLOVE!)?

M: I wear Sawyer quite a bit! The Wild Bird sling has been my favorite. It’s been great from when she was a newborn to now!

S: Three baby names you love but won't be using?

M: Banks, Golden, & Senna

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