Share the LOVE: Jenna Compono Interview

Share the LOVE: Jenna Compono Interview

Jenna Compono is a mom to baby Anthony who will soon be giving up his only-child role as he becomes big brother to his baby sister due in December 2022.

Compono is up for the challenge of tackling two under two. After all, she appeared on MTV's The Challenge. Spearmint interviewed Compono to learn more about how the challenges she's faced have shaped her as mother and the advice she has for you!

: What does a day in the life look like for you? 

JC: A typical day for me is feeding Anthony, then playing with him while I attempt to clean the house. That usually doesn’t last long so I am finding myself cleaning with him on my hip! My husband works from home so I leave him with Anthony and get in a workout at the gym. After we will do some errands (he loves being out and about) and come back and make some dinner, which usually gets everywhere so then I’ll give Anthony a bath and get him ready for bed.

SLOVE: What is your best piece of parenting advice to new moms?

JC: As much as I want to say “sleep when the baby sleeps” (which everyone told me), that usually doesn’t happen. My advice would be to enjoy the baby cuddles. They really do grow up so fast, and they will only cuddle on your chest for so long. I used to put him down and do laundry etc while he was sleeping, but guess what? The laundry can wait. Snuggle your babies while you still can.

SLOVE: What is your best piece of advice to new moms for the labor/birth process?

JC: To not get too comfortable with your birth plan. Things always change. Having someone you love next to you mentally helping you push through it all was great. Always remember too the end outcome is worth it! It will only be temporary pain, and after, a lifetime of love.

: What's your all-time favorite baby product (besides SpearmintLOVE!)?

JC: I love my diaper bag from TWELVElittle. I love that there’s so many pattern options. I also love that the two bottle holders are insulated keeping my bottles warm/cold. There is a ton of room on the inside and just the right amount of zippers so that I can stay organized, but not lose anything if there were more zippers.

SLOVEThree baby names you love but won't be using?

JC: Rocky, Nicole, Nina

: How has your time on MTV's The Challenge shaped who you are today as a mother?

JC: I stepped out of my comfort zone. I have dealt with tons of mixed emotions, I was mentally exhausted, I overcame a lot of obstacles and I feel like mothers battle everyday with certain obstacles when raising a child. Although there are tons of great things about being a mom, it is also very hard!

: What’s your favorite holiday to celebrate with your sweet family?

JC: It is a tie between Halloween and Christmas. I absolutely LOVE the fall. Christmas is also another one of my favorites because we spend a lot of time with our families.
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