The "Not Pink" Baby Girl Nursery

The "Not Pink" Baby Girl Nursery

The Not "Pink" Baby Girl Nursery


You found out that you're expecting a baby girl. The idea of pink everything doesn't fit your style, but you still want a soft, feminine nursery look. We totally understand and made this print just for you in mind! Even if you are expecting a baby boy or prefer a gender-neutral nursery theme, SpearmintLOVE's Silver Kisses print could work well too with the right accents!


Silver Kisses features a minimalist display of white x's on a super soft, light gray background. In SpearmintLOVE style, it's the fresh and modern way to express just how much you love this little one who has entered your world and changed it forever. 

Designing a baby girl nursery does not mean you're stuck with only shades of pink in the color palette. Lexington at @lexingtonbrewer has a little bit of pink on the wall and the combined shades of silver and gold to create a stunning baby girl nursery look! 

Silver Kisses is just a print, but the bond that develops between you and your baby as you use the crib sheet, changing pad cover, swaddle, quilt, and bandana bib means it becomes part of the memories that you'll cherish forever. 

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