Top 3 Mini Crib Sheets

Top 3 Mini Crib Sheets


Top 3 Mini Crib Sheets

Over time, mini cribs have flourished. Mini cribs are smaller in size compared to your standard crib. Mini cribs are easy to move around, making them great to keep in your bedroom so you can keep an eye on your little one. With the demand for mini cribs, there has become a demand for mini crib sheets.

One of the most difficult tasks of becoming a new parent is setting up a nursery. We understand it can be extremely overwhelming. Don’t worry! SpearmintLOVE has a variety of mini crib sheet options that can inspire or match your nursery theme. 

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Here are SpearmintLOVE's top three!

1. Leopard Print Mini Crib Sheet

SpearmintLOVE's leopard print mini crib fitted sheet is a best-seller. You’re probably thinking, "Why do a leopard-themed nursery?" Why not!? It’s a design of pure beauty, and it will never go out of style.

Our leopard fitted sheet pattern has a color theme that consists of black, orange, and a crème of white. This color scheme is perfect for your little girl, and it creates a bold theme that can make your nursery pop! SpearmintLOVE’s leopard print mini crib fitted sheet fits the standard mini crib size 24 x 38.

We also carry the same print in a changing pad cover to match. A leopard-themed baby girl nursery is not only stylish, but can even be related to Shakespeare! Just as Helena says in A Midsummer Night's Dream, "And, though she be but little, she is fierce." (William Shakespeare, 1601).

leopard crib sheet

2. Silver Kisses Mini Crib Sheet

Many parents strive to create the perfect gender-neutral nursery. It can be difficult sorting through the very feminine or masculine color schemes commonly found with baby products. However, our Silver Kisses mini crib sheet makes the gender-neutral nursery both modern and eye-catching. The sheet has a color tone of light greys and hints of white.

You can incorporate different colors in your nursery with this sheet. For instance, you could even add a canary shade of yellow, pastel green, or lavender. The mini crib sheet is 24 x 38 to fit the standard mini crib. We also carry different products with the same pattern; a popular item that matches our fitted sheet is our silver kisses swaddle blanket.

silver kisses swaddle

3. Indigo Fern Mini Crib Fitted Sheet

Hands down, this pattern is one of our favorites! Make it chic. Make it hipster. With an indigo blue color and a backsplash of white, this print POPS. The pattern is darling for your nursery. This fitted sheet is gender-neutral, so it could be the perfect fit for your baby girl or baby boy.

It could coordinate with a beach-themed nursery or even a gorgeous plant-themed nursery. Whatever your creativity calls you toward, SpearmintLOVE offers a variety of options to create the perfect nursery. Another reason why Indigo Fern is one of our top 3 mini crib sheets is that it was inspired by one of SpearmintLOVE's best-sellers: the iconic Indigo Fern ruffle footie.

indigo fern footie

It now has matching pieces in both muslin nursery products and the original adorable clothing. For example, the Indigo Fern quilt is convenient in that you can reverse the quilt to the Indigo Fern pattern, or you can flip it to the other side to show a simple shade of white for those neutral-themed days.

We understand it can be stressful setting up your nursery and finding items to match your theme. SpearmintLOVE is here to help with our huge variety of brands and styles to make your dream nursery possible. Mini crib sheets do not have to mini in style or quality. If you want the best, shop SpearmintLOVE.

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