What is a Baby Sleeping Bag?

What is a Baby Sleeping Bag?

what is baby sleeping bag

Creating the perfect environment to ensure your baby will get proper rest and a safe night’s sleep is essential to every parent. Baby sleeping bags have become extremely popular within the past couple of years.

So, what are baby sleeping bags? A baby sleeping bag is also referred to as a baby sleep sack it is a wearable blanket that keeps your baby at a restful room temperature. It is a secure way to keep your little one bundled up throughout the night.

There are so many benefits of using a baby sleeping bag. One major plus is your baby can move around in the bag safely due to having extra space in the bag for legroom. By incorporating a sleeping bag into your nursery, it doesn’t require any additional covers or blankets. This new way of safe sleep means there are fewer items in a baby’s sleep space that prevents entanglement and SIDS.

Are Baby Sleeping Bags Safe?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, about 3,400 babies in the US die during their sleep yearly. This is sometimes due to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) which is an accidental cause of suffocation. Baby sleeping bags are safe however parents must understand the proper ways to use them.

Here are some safety tips for a night of safe sleep:

  • Make sure your baby has a firm mattress in their crib
  • Bed-sharing is not recommended
  • Keep your newborn in the same room for at least the first 6 months or their first year
  • Keep loose blankets or any other items away from your child’s sleep environment.
  • Keep your room at a comfortable room temperature
  • Swaddling your baby is okay just make sure it’s not too tight
  • If you’re using a sleeping bag, make sure it fits properly
  • Always place your baby on their back to sleep

How to Choose the Correct Sized Sleeping Bag?

We carry the popular Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Sleeping Bags. They are lightweight and made from breathable material. They each have a zipper that goes head to toe which helps with diaper changes throughout the night and come in a variety of sizes.

sleep bag little unicorn

Here is our size chart to ensure your sleep bag is the proper fit for your little one:

Small: 0-6 months; 10-18 lbs. 23"-26"
Medium: 6-12 months; 16-24 lbs. 26"-30"
Large: 12-18 months; 20-28 lbs. 28"-32"
XLarge: 18-24 months; 27-30 lbs. 30"-35"

Depending on what sleep bag you’re looking for make sure to read the size recommendations for a safe fit. Also, sizing may vary depending on the brands SpearmintLOVE carries. For example, another item we carry is our Dream Weighted Sleep Sack this sleep sack is recommended for ages 12-24 months that weigh 20+ lbs.

weighted sleep bag

Baby Sleeping Bags SpearmintLOVE Carries

We carry many different baby sleeping bags and sleep sacks to choose from. One of our best sellers is our Cotton Muslin Sleep Bag in the design of Star Gaze. It is made from breathable material to keep your baby at an adequate room temp. The design of this sleeping bag is adorable for all those astronomy lovers!

sleeping bag star gaze

Another baby sleeping bag we carry is the Organic Jersey Sleep Bag by Quincy Mae. This sleeping bag is gender-neutral in the shade of basil. It’s made from organic cotton brushed fabric with a side zipper.

sleeping bag basil

SpearmintLOVE also carries Bedtime Sleepers which is a wearable blanket that is identical to a baby sleeping bag. This one is our Bedtime Sleeper in the print of Pink Leaves its lightweight and breathable with a zipper running top to bottom. This design also coordinates with our new ‘Cotton Candy’ print.

SpearmintLOVE understands that becoming a parent means that the day you always waited for is finally coming true of starting a family. We are here to guide you along your new journey as a parent.


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