What Is A Good Coming Home Outfit?

What Is A Good Coming Home Outfit?

What Is A Good Coming Home Outfit?


If you're in the third trimester, do you find yourself sitting in your baby's nursery dreaming about what they will look like? You're asking yourself questions like: Will my baby have a lot of hair? What color will my baby's eyes be and who will baby resemble most closely?

You may not have all of the answers to those types of questions just yet, but it sure is fun to guess and think about before baby's big arrival. There is an important piece to those precious moments after baby's birth that you can envision clearly right now, however! 

Your baby's coming-home outfit!

Chloe, who can be found at @love_chloelane, captured a gorgeous flat lay photo of what could be the perfect coming-home from the hospital outfit for baby.


The Southwest Shibori print features a gorgeous, feminine shade that still stands apart from a more classic pink or white newborn look. What makes a good coming home outfit ultimately is the baby in the outfit.

There are a few steps to ensure you have the best coming-home outfit possible.

First, decide if you want:

1. A classic neutral
2. Bold print
3. Something in the middle

Secondly, find a matching or coordinating accessory. You cannot go wrong with a footie and matching beanie or bow!

Finally, take a moment to relax and soak up this time before baby arrives. Whether you're a first time mom or a seasoned mom of many, your life is about to change. SpearmintLOVE is here to help you find the pieces you love for the little one you love!

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