What Should My Baby Boy Nursery Theme Be?

You found out that you’re pregnant with a baby boy—congratulations! You’re dreaming of all the cute baby boy outfits he will wear and what his nursery will look like.

Whether you imagine a traditional nursery full of blue shades or one with only modern neutrals, you have come to the right place for all of the best baby boy nursery theme ideas!

Dino Theme

Little boys and dinosaurs: quite a popular pairing! This particular crib sheet and changing pad cover feature a whimsical display of dinos with peaceful colors that match a variety of nursery furniture styles and colors. For parents who want a fun print without loud colors, consider this dino theme.

Blue Theme

Classical blue with a fun twist! The indigo tie-dye theme can give your baby boy’s nursery a bohemian or retro feel. If you want to go the more traditional nursery look, but want a pop of personality, the vibrant indigo tie-dye print will do the job!

Black Monstera Leaf Theme


For the parents who want only neutrals in the nursery: black, white, grey, and brown. This print is stunning and gender-neutral. If you are debating between a nature-inspired print or something more modern, this is the perfect combination!

Cats Theme

You don’t have to be a cat-lover to love this print! If you envision a nursery with rust tones but still want it to feel playful for your baby, this crib sheet is the perfect starting point for planning your baby’s nursery theme. Your baby will drift off to sleep, maybe just for a cat nap, with this cat-themed nursery.

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