What To Pack in Your Hospital Bag


There are a lot of “what to pack in your hospital bag” lists out there. We noticed, however, that many glossed over what your baby needs for birth announcement photo you will likely take in the hospital; a simple “coming home outfit” listed with a single box to check.

We understand that your baby’s first outfit or coming home-outfit is something that you will remember for the rest of your life. Whether you’re looking for the perfect, Insta-worthy birth announcement photo, a special  newborn set to make things simple, or an organic outfit with fabrics gentle on your newborn’s skin, SpearmintLOVE has the best selection of coming-home outfits.

The labor and delivery experience and those first days postpartum are already enough for you to think about. Your time is valuable and there are many decisions that only you as the parent can make for your baby. We’ve done the work to dig through hundreds of baby brands to hand-select only the best pieces for you to pack in your hospital bag, so you don’t have to take extra time browsing through countless sites or stores to piece together everything you want to pack in the hospital bag.

We understand you want the best quality and style for your baby. We made sure to include super soft blankets and organic options.

No matter what you pack in the hospital bag, welcoming your baby into the world will be a day that you won’t forget. There’s nothing on this list that will make your baby’s arrival more meaningful than it already is.

However, if you are also looking for style you won’t forget and find these baby and postpartum selections will help you cherish those already meaningful moments, we’ve got you covered with the SpearmintLOVE  Hospital Bag shop!

Here are the lists you really need to not only get the complete coming-home outfit look you’re envisioning but all the practical supplies too!

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