Where to Find Best Baby Memory Book With Woodland Theme?

Where to Find Best Baby Memory Book With Woodland Theme?

Where to Find Best Baby Memory Book With Woodland Theme?


Whether you are the expecting parent, grandparent, aunt, or friend shopping for the perfect baby book shower gift, you're here because you know the days ahead are ones that you or the expecting parents will want to remember. A memory book is designed for that very purpose. Capture the most special moments in baby's first year of life with a modern baby book.

We understand you want not only the best baby book out there, but the best baby book that specifically matches the personality or style of either the parents or baby's nursery theme.

Which Woodland Baby Memory Book Should I Buy?

SpearmintLOVE has thoughtfully searched hundreds of baby brands to carry only the best and that includes our baby memory books for boys and baby memory books for girls! The first year of life raising a tiny human is already stressful enough. Do not stress about how you are going to record that first year of life. We are here to help. 

Many parents have trusted us as they shopped Spearmint for their baby's memory book, particularly with the Little Camper Baby Memory Book by Lucy Darling. It has all the woodland feels you'll love. How adorable are all of the woodland creatures, trees, and vintage campers!?


How Easy Is This Baby Memory Book To Complete?

Incredibly easy! Understandably, whoever receives the Little Camper Baby Memory Book will be quite busy doing the most important job of welcoming and caring for their little one. Lucy Darling describes it perfectly as a "guilt-free baby book." 

Drop any sense of stress about how you are going to record baby's first year of life. The Little Camper Baby Memory Book offers a beautiful, and simple, way to document the moments you'll cherish forever. This simple baby record book of the most important "firsts" is modern and on-trend, but the memories recorded will become a timeless keepsake.

Little Camper Baby Memory Book

What's Included?

  • 2 pre-baby pages for photos, ultrasound and note to baby
  • 3 pages for when baby arrives including a spot for footprints, a page to place birth announcement and hospital bracelet
  • 2 your world pages for a photo of home and how much things cost when baby was born
  • 12 pages of month documenting
  • 10 pages that include family tree, favorite things, many firsts including holidays, first scribble, etc.
  • 5 birthday pages
  • 1 first day of school page
  • 11 blank pages with embellishment 

The woodland creatures and starry night images artistically placed throughout the book are adorable, but nothing will compare to Baby's First Smile or their monthly photos. Celebrate and remember all those special details about the first year of baby's life with the best woodland baby book out there! And it's right here.

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