SpearmintLOVE Interview with Ariana Berlin Rotstein

SpearmintLOVE Interview with Ariana Berlin Rotstein

SpearmintLOVE had the opportunity to interview Ariana Berlin Rotstein. She's a mom to Rowyn, former UCLA All-American gymnast, and producer at Fox Sports. Her story doesn't stop there.

ariana and baby rowyn

Ariana was an elite American gymnast in a nearly fatal car accident. This changed the trajectory of her life as she went from dreaming of the 2008 Beijing Olympics to recovering, healing, and moving forward literally and figuratively. The movie Full Out is based on the life and experiences of this inspirational mom and athlete.

Rowyn has been rocking SpearmintLOVE outfits pretty much since birth. Filled with many shades of pink and winterberry, we LOVE her sweet, feminine style. Styled by @arianaberlin is a collection of Rowyn's SpearmintLOVE OOTD's plus super soft and stylish baby bodysuits (Ok, they reminded us a tiny bit of gymnastics leotards so we HAD to include those, too!)

ariana and baby

Spearmint: What does a day in the life look like for you?
Ariana: Wake up, get our daughter, Rowyn, bring her in bed with us and jam out to music! She loves to dance :). After my cup of coffee and Rowyn’s breakfast, I start working.

I’m a producer for Fox Sports. I produce long-form sports documentaries and series. Since both my husband, Jimmy, and I are currently working from home, around lunchtime we’ll go on a long walk with Rowyn and grab some food along the way. Then it’s back to work.

father and baby

Jimmy and I are huge foodies, so for dinner we’ll try to find something new. Whether it’s driving 45 min to a burger joint, or ordering in from a new restaurant we’ve read about, we are always on the best food in LA hunt. After Rowyn’s fed, plays and goes to bed, Jimmy and I will watch a movie or a few episodes of a series. I usually fall asleep 30 sec in. And that’s my day :).

SpearmintWhat is your best piece of parenting advice to new moms?
Ariana: I’m currently still asking and accepting advice! Not sure I’m qualified to give it haha. But if I had to, I’d say there are a million little things that come up daily that can cause a lot of stress. Try not to make these little things bigger than they are. Take a deep breath, try to put the little thing you’re obsessing over into perspective and move forward. You got this!

Spearmint: What is your best piece of advice to new moms for the labor/birth process?
Ariana: Ignorance! Haha. I didn’t read or watch any videos about the birthing process. I stayed in the moment, didn’t worry about the ‘what ifs’ and luckily had a very positive experience.

Spearmint: What's your all-time favorite baby product?
Ariana: Oh man. This changes daily! Diapers? Jk. I would say the Lovevery Play Kits (and of course SpearmintLOVE’s adorable outfits).

SpearmintThree baby names you love but won't be using?
- Remy
- Grey
- Renzi

Spearmint: Any trips, activities, or sports you’re looking forward to doing with Rowyn as she gets older?
Ariana: I cannot wait to put my daughter into gymnastics and dance! I also have this dreamy vision of biking around Bordeaux, France with our family, wine tasting while Rowyn plays in the vineyards tasting the grapes 😂.

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