What Advice Would You Give to a New Mom?

What Advice Would You Give to a New Mom?

We asked our Spearmint Community, a group of real moms from around the world, the question: What is your single best piece of advice you would give to a new mom?

If you are a new mom wondering how to get your newborn baby to sleep or feeling alone in your desire to actually want some alone time, take a deep breath and read this advice from one mom to another.

Here's their advice:

"Having the baby blues at the beginning is EXTREMELY NORMAL. It’s okay to feel like you miss your “old life.” Reach out for support and talk about your feelings instead of holding it in. You are NOT a bad mommy for feeling this way!!" Lauren, mom of two under two in Chicago, IL

"Best advice is to remember that every moment is fleeting. If it’s a bad day, know that it won’t last forever, tomorrow is a chance to start over. If it’s a good day, embrace it and remember to soak it all up." Devon, mom of one in Warner Robins, GA

"Never put adult expectations on your young children!" Tiana Clark, mom of one in Battle Creek, MI

"You're doing okay! You will feel like you're failing half-a-dozen times a day but they won't notice it. They really love you unconditionally, so if you lose your stuff every once in a while, just be genuine. They might even love you more for it." Gabby, middle school teacher and mom of three under six

"If nothing is going right, put them in water or take them outside." Tori, mom of two in MI

"There is no “right” way to be a mom. YOU are the best mama to your baby. And through the sleepless nights, stressful moments, and long days just remember - you’re doing great! And if you’re not, it’s ok to ask for help. You got this!" Vanessa, mom of three in Jackson, NJ

"Don’t be afraid to say no. You get to decide what works best for you and your family, even if it means doing things differently than others around you. You’ll be so much happier following your instincts!" Taryn, mom of two in CT

"Never feel ashamed for wanting some alone time." Daisy, mom of one in York, PA

"Every baby is different , the worse thing you can do is compare one baby to the other." Samantha, property manager, YouTube vlogger and mom of four in Osceola, Iowa

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